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Job Creation Staff learning to sort hangers

Recycled to Create Jobs

Noel Ehrenreich and partner Justin Hurling started New Earth Recycling two years ago in the hopeof creating jobs and conserving the environment at the same time. “We offer a free collection and recycling service of broken and unwanted ‘white elephant’ goods and furniture,” said Noel. To this end, in April the duo launched their “residential collection campaign” in the Durbanville area. The campaign has been bearing fruit, said Noel. So much so they are now expanding into Bellville and beyond.


Helping the needy

But what makes their cam- paign so special? Well, their team has joined forces with a well-known high-end furnishing company and through the cam- paign are donating part of their earnings to needy schools. Atleast 50c per kilogram of their earnings go to selected schools or charities. “We have a sorting, mate- rials recovery and refurbishment facility in Parow Industria where our team recycle all goods collected into different recyclable streams,” said Noel.


The items are then either used as raw material for other manufacturing processes, or turned into refurbished units. “Weliterally turn waste into a resource, diverting it away from scarce landfill sites, which is an increasing problem for our fast growing city.” The team are accredited by the City of Cape Town. “People who wish to refurbish their homes and get rid of old furniture, appliances or bric-a-brac can contact us.


They also have a competition in which learners can submit a drawing or article and win an iPad odigital camera, as well as an appliance discount voucher from the furnisher.

“We have been approaching schools in the area to participate in the initiative through their recycling committee or representative, and have been distributing flyers at homes,” said Noel.


Positive feedback

“The feedback from partic- ipating households has been extremely positive. They consider our service very convenient, professional and for a good cause.

“We had one collection where we provided our service to a disabled gentlemen living on his own and at his father’s house.

“They have used our ser- vice repeatedly. Our crew has also benefited from cookies baked specialiy for the crew at one pick-up.”:

He said his company has created three job opportunities so far and will be employing more people as the campaign grows.

“We will eventually create ‘virtual’ bins for all the districts in Cape Town and keep a record of the volume collected, the number of organisations benefiting, employment created, and so forth,”

he said. Collection days are currently on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the participating household receives a R150 discount voucher to shop at the furnisher.

Learners who wishto participate in the competition can send a a drawing depicting recycling and conservation or write an essay about recycling (ess than 500 words).

Types of items carted away include unused fridges, washing machines, stoves, tumble dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, television sets, bed sets and any other unwanted furniture.

Recycle tags


We provide a waste collection service to companies, municipal sites and private households in the Cape Metropolitan, Winelands, Overberg and West Coast areas for recyclables and convert them into materials used by moulding, manufacturing and construction companies.